Website Design

You Already Own It

Microsoft Windows and Cloud partner Planet Technologies was looking to create a micro-website to promote its cloud consultation service. As the principal designer for the You Already Own It website, my challenge was to create a bold step-by-step presentation that effectively guides prospective clients from problem to solution.

Utilizing simple messaging, bold imagery and a stack of vibrant colored backdrops, I developed a design scheme that broke lengthy messaging down into bite-sized blocks. Each block was setup to harmoniously blend content and imagery. A simple icon-based navigation sidebar unifies the the breakdown into a comprehensive narrative.

The simplicity of the design concept for the You Already Own It website ensured flexible handling across all devices and resolutions. For the mobile breakdown, I removed nonessential imagery in favor of a simpler icon / text structure. In addition to this, I translated the fixed icon bar to the top of the screen so that ease of navigation is maintained.

The completed You Already Own It website won a Silver Addy award from the American Advertising Federation in 2016. It continues to be an effective and visually stunning marketing tool for Planet Technologies.