When entrepreneur Kurt Heckman and his talented team first introduced their online social calculator application, vCalc, I was given the opportunity to build its brand from the ground up. I wanted to visually represent vCalc's solid dependability while equally promoting its power and pioneering capabilities.


Logo Development

With such a wide range of memorable mathematical symbols available, developing the logo for vCalc came with many intriguing possibilities. The final mark combined a modified division symbol wrapped in a partially opened square container. Visually, these elements bear an abstract semblance to a "v" and "c." In terms of narrative, their combination speaks to many things, including math, mobility, availability, exploration and breaking the mold.

The logotype for vCalc was developed from characters in the Istok font family. The rounded edges of the logotype blends with its boldness to produce a heavy yet friendly appearance. When placed alongside the more rigid, mechanical mark, the logo's overall composition produces a visual dynamic of being both solid and upbeat.


Style & Imagery

I wanted vCalc's branding style to appeal to a wide audience. By expanding the color palette to include a variety of soft secondary colors, I had what I needed to illustrate a series of vibrant graphics and icons. These could be employed to visually represent equation categories, as well as application features.


Website Design

Because vCalc was a brand new application, I designed a promotional side to the website that would introduce visitors to intriguing imagery and simple messaging. A search feature was given center-stage, in addition to a structured categorical system for easy access to the most popular calculators and equations in the vCalc library.


Promotional Animation

Once the vCalc brand had been extensively explored through web and print design, I was given the opportunity to produce a short promotional animation for first-time visitors. I took the written narrative through a story-boarding process, coming up with a strategy that the vCalc team loved. I built the various scenes and animated them in After Effects. The final result was a welcome addition to a solidified brand.

The vCalc promotional animation won a Gold Addy award from the American Advertising Federation in 2016. vCalc continues to grow in popularity, with a solid brand offering it rich visual support.