USAN Collateral

USAN, a comprehensive cloud services company, commissioned a series of collateral pieces to promote its omni-channel cloud solutions. Having already designed the company's website and branding guidelines, these marketing pieces completed an already cohesive corporate brand package.

Omni-channel Booklet

As a high-profile marketing piece, I designed a 17 x 11" booklet that coupled omni-channel facts and benefits with sharp visuals and diagrams. The booklet sports branding elements such as hexagonal patterns, caption boxes and icons.

Customer Engagement Optimization Bi-fold

This print piece, focusing on USAN's call center optimization services, became the structural model for other bi-folds featuring other service offerings. It also served as a springboard for more diversifying content formatting.

Metaphor IVR+ Tri-fold

With the completion of the bi-fold model, I progressed into tri-fold territory with more complex layouts and content structure. The asymmetrical layout and use of color throughout the panels promotes energy, flow and visual harmony.

Omni-channel Datasheets

Since USAN intended to create a wide spectrum of datasheets, the design needed to maintain some aspects of a universal template structure while still allowing flexibility for content and imagery. I designed a variety of datasheets that I ultimately compiled into a reusable InDesign template.

White Paper Development

The formatting rules and styles that I applied to the datasheet template became the basis for white paper designs. I created a variety of white papers with various page formats to ensure maximum flexibility for content handling.