Logo Showcase

I am an active brand and logo developer. I blend my illustration talents with my knowledge of visual communication to produce quality results.

Black Hog BBQ

With a growing chain of restaurants gaining in popularity, Black Hog BBQ was in need of a brand upgrade. I illustrated the restaurant's namesake, the rare black hog, in a woodcut style and perched it over a stack of bold, modern type. This combination communicates traditional smokehouse quality with a dash of urban style.

Genesis Hair Gallery

A barbershop and salon startup, Genesis Hair Gallery commissioned me to design a logo that clearly communicated what they were and what services they offered. I arrived at an intriguing combination of type and imagery that carried an instant message. The conjoined logotype and iconography appears both professional and welcoming to potential clients.

American Academy

The American Academy is an honorary society that focuses on alleviating the struggles and problems in social welfare programs. I developed their logo to reflect concepts of unity, connection and proactive motion.

High Point Events

Specializing in both high-class catering and event hosting, High Point Events was looking for a logo that referenced their services and highlighted their farm locale. My solution melded corporate initials with recognizable motifs of both dining and farming. The finished piece won a silver award from the American Advertising Federation.

Patriot Technologies

Specializing in government networking security, Patriot Technologies wanted to reinforce government focus and professional minimalism in a new logo direction. I created a sharp, simple solution that combined a stately paring of modern type with visual elements closely associated with the American flag.

MX Ready2Go

MX Ready2Go is a user-friendly web hub for various service plugins offered by Protech, a cloud service provider. In designing the logo, I focused on representing user interaction, satellite software integration and progressive momentum.

Partners in Pediatrics

While it focused primarily on pediatric healthcare, Partners in Pediatrics also offered a full range of health services to all ages. It was important for their logo to imply a full spectrum of service. By combining a diverse color palette with a motif of interlaced hand prints, I was able to represent partnership as well as age diversity.

Covenant Life Church International

For Covenant Life, the butterfly symbolized new life and a transformation of purpose. I translated this concept into a visual message by pairing abstracted butterfly wings with a central cross. This element, combined with simple, elegant type, unifies an inspiring message with the congregation's visual identity.