Web Design

LockTite Storage

Texas-based LockTite Storage, a self-storage facility chain, was looking to improve their online presence with a new website. The goal was to promote LockTite as a state-of-the art storage solution and to give customers a web-based space reservation tool.

With little more than a logo from which to decipher a brand, I did several experiments with ways to make LockTite a visually unique web experience. Since storage is largely about economizing and compartmentalizing space, I began to develop a square grid approach in which elements could be easily and effectively stacked together. I utilized a spectrum of tan colors that, alongside the frequent use of stacked squares, alluded to cardboard storage boxes. This visual system helped me to develop a web design that was both orderly and unique.

I designed a series of page templates that combined content, shapes and imagery to lead the eye and reinforce important content and user actions. In addition to informational and article pages, I designed a facility listing system with corresponding detail pages. These pages included general facility information, images, maps and a storage space inventory that listed space dimensions and pricing.

LockTite's systematic grid layout allowed me to easily translate template designs to a mobile format. My responsive designs were used to inform developers as to the way content should be restructured for optimized access to key information. The completed website became an important conversion tool for LockTite, and its structure continues to ensure that space is utilized efficiently.