Diesel Technology Forum Expo

In lieu of their upcoming California exposition, The Diesel Technology Forum was in need of several printed materials that would be used to emphasize the usage, benefits and effectiveness of diesel technology.

State Rankings Datasheet

Since California ranked highest in clean energy vehicles, I was asked to create a datasheet that effectively encapsulated the details of this achievement. I designed this piece to be both easy to read and visually compelling.

Banners & Signage

To add flavor and intrigue to the exposition environment, I created various signage pieces that balanced Diesel brand components with bold graphics and content structures. I drew inspiration from the stripes in Diesel's logo to structure content reinforce message flow.

Booth Backdrop

The final challenge was to compile all previous graphical explorations to create a 10 foot wide backdrop that would house all the pertinent facts about Diesel technology. I arranged content and selected graphical elements to ensure that each portion of the backdrop established interest while retaining unification with the overall design.