High-end architectural firm CODE was doing big business and producing quality residential and commercial spaces without a formal identity and website. I was given the opportunity to create everything from scratch. The challenge was to create a sharp, unique way to represent the firm.

Logo Development

The namesake of the firm references the building code. In a more general sense, the term "code" speaks to abstraction and regulation. My musings led me to develop a series of blueprint structures that closely resembled the four characters in the word "code." I ultimately arrived at a four-square structure that encapsulated both architecture and a hidden message. The logotype typeface was developed from scratch to work in conjunction with the abstract mark.

Website Design

With the completion of CODE's new identity, the foundation was laid for a high-end web presence. The square structure and simplistic look of the brand translated perfectly into the layout for project showcasing, blog pages and a variety of other page designs.

It was clear from CODE's residential and commercial projects that the firm paid special attention to the use of space, material and geometry. Nothing was present that did not contribute to the overall elegant boldness of structure and living space. I respected this practice in laying out the web pages by employing only what was necessary in the most effective ways I could envision. By doing this, essential project photography and relevant content took front and center stage.

I structured content to translate gracefully across various mobile layouts. Working  side by side with developers ensured that the design retained its appeal and navigability. The completed web experience wowed CODE's partners, who could not wait to employ it in the future endeavors.