Creating solutionsis what I do best.

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I am a professional designer, illustrator & animator living in Hagerstown, Maryland.

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I know how to do all kinds of things.


My design career is rooted in a love for illustration and applying visual motifs to design work. I actively practice a wide range of illustration mediums, including digital, pencil, oil / acrylic painting.


I love the challenge and the creativity it takes to construct an effective brand or a compelling website. I have worked alongside talented developers and designers for over a decade, which has helped me to hone my design skills and methods.


Whether it’s editing, sound production or animation, my video skills and process have been honed to produce bold, eye-catching productions for a wide variety of satisfied clients.

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I’ve Been Mugged!

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If the image hasn’t tipped you off yet, there’s no need to panic – my belongings are all accounted for. The truth is, I appear to have a brand new item on my desk. It’s a ceramic coffee mug featuring a cartoon depiction of moi. Quite strange… How did that get there?It all started when I...

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The Fold is A Lie! Sort of…

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The World Wide Web is constantly evolving as new technologies and trends arrive on the scene, which means that some rules that applied the previous year are no longer...

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Hierarchy and Web Design

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Hierarchy is simply defined as any system of persons or things ranked one above another. It is a system that helps us define order and organization. Once the hierarchy of...

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